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Exceptional Eye Care Experience

I have complex eye-correction needs, and Dr. Ceci Weinberg is the first optometrist in my adult life to precisely find the right prescriptions, including suggesting a corrective-combination solution no one else had mentioned.

Additionally, I always found male optometrists to be too "speedy" as they go through the "which one looks better, this--or this?" routine...and I would get tense and lose track as they got impatient.

Not Dr. Ceci. She is so good at this that even though her practice no longer accepts my optical insurance, I go to her for eye exams. Over the years Dr. Ceci and her staff have consistently provided an exceptional eye-care experience.

Working with her optician, Jeff, who is also an accomplished musician, helps make every visit to her office a happily-anticipated event.

Everything about how the physical space is set up encourages staff-to-client dialogue and client comfort. Her office suite at Route One and Donald Ross Road is easy to find and parking seems adequate. The receptionist is fully accessible and not behind glass. The staff works hard to stay on schedule and to honor their clients' time. THANK YOU, Dr. Ceci and Jeff!!!

- Lanark L. - Google Review